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Those 800,000 cyclical victims of child abuse are only the ones actually delineated by human services as victims. Another thing that grinds my gears. Undetected child and elder abuse.

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Something that really grinds my gears is when the victim in a domestic dispute gets arrested. Trauma times trauma= KAPOW to your soul

“One who stands for nothing will fall for anything”

Some really nice things they did to psychiatric patients in the 50s!!!

“In 1946, President Truman approved Project Paperclip, bringing Hitler’s top scientists into the United States. 600 mind scientists were placed in the military industrial complex along with colleges and universities.”

Former CIA operative/intelligence insider Mark Phillips states: “mind sciences, or the study of human behavior in relation to the mind is the newest of all arts. It’s less than 100 years old and it’s by far the one that is most cloaked in secrecy.
“From 1957 to 1964 patients at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal became mind control guinea pigs for MK-Ultra under scientist Ewen Cameron’s authority.
Ewen once stated: “It is not simply against future conspiracies of evil men which we have to guard ourselves… But the weaknesses and faults in our own ways of living…. Against which we have to be on continual guard.”

Dr. Harvey Weinstein, a clinical professor at UC Berkeley, CA states the program was designed to “figure out a way to interrogate people and learn how to protect their agents against control by others. (In the 1950s the CIA began to find top-secret experiments in brainwashing).

Dr. Weinstein goes on to state “if you put somebody in a position of being disabled by not feeding them or not allowing them to sleep or overwhelming them with sound. If you use massive shock treatment and you give people massive dosages of drugs such as mescaline, amphetamines or LSD and if you put them in periods of darkness where they can’t predict from one minute to another what’s going to happen. Anyone can be open to being brainwashed.”
I don’t even know what to say to that, oh goody?

Brainwashing correlates directly to cognitive dissonance as it is used to “indoctrinate so intensively and thoroughly as to effect a radical transformation of beliefs and mental attitudes.”
Weren’t you supposed ta be helping these people???

And by the way, dehumanizing, terrorizing, abuse, torture and forced medication still goes on in psychiatric wards today.

Professor Weinstein of Berkeley goes on to state “Ewen Cameron was probably the foremost psychiatrist of his time in the 50s. He was using high tech sound techniques, he was using multiple types of loop recorders to force people to listen to recorded messaged 24 hours a day for weeks on end to basically destroy people’s thinking patterns.” Helpful!!

One of Cameron’s patients recounts: “he injected the lysergic acid into the vein and he patted me on the shoulder and he said ‘now there lassie, we’ll see you later.’ And I started to feel very frightened and the fright became a terror and so I began throwing myself from one side of the room to the other. I didn’t know what to do to stop this feeling. It felt like my bones were melting, that I was, I just didn’t know who I was anymore.”

9 victims went on to sue the doc. What on earth did they do with this knowledge? Oh well, who cares.

Oh wait, “psychological warfare is “the use of propaganda or other psychological means to influence or confuse the thinking of an enemy or opponent.” Ok ok, so who are the enemies???? Not the peeps in the loony bins no mo I hope

The New York Times uncovered this story on August 2nd, 1977.

The mental health system reinforces the idea that the suffering are paranoid and thus their CREDIBILITY goes buh bye. I’m surprised these victims were believed. Kudos for their strength.

And a quote I don’t know what to do with

“Wars are not won on the battlefield, they’re won in the mind’s of the people” -CIA guy

The key to what I’m getting at is our system didn’t work, doesn’t work, and needs major improvement. What these people suffer from can be transient. But if we keep indoctrinating in them that they will always be ill, then they will always be ill. Others will oppress them, and they will oppress themselves with a feeling of inadequacy. It is a vicious, demeaning form of cyclical oppressive forces.

A lot of people suffer from some form of dissociation. It could be endured by too much TV Programming, trauma, and I dunno I’m tired I haven’t slept and it’s five am :p

We need to find the missing pieces of ourselves!!! We need to gain strength! The time of oppression is over.

I don’t have all the answers. And I won’t. But I truly believe dissociation is at the heart of our problems. Therapists, in my opinion should not rule out DID as it could be present on the small scale. And I really like the Jungian framework.

Intergenerational Cycle of Abuse/Poverty’s influence and some social commentary

“Intergenerational cycle of violence is a pattern of violence or abuse that is passed from one generation to the next. Generally, an individual who witnesses domestic violence as a child is much more likely to be an abuser or a victim of domestic abuse in adulthood.”- Wikipedia …

Abuse in childhood is a behavior which is learned and possibly repeated in adulthood. I have talked about trauma and it’s capacity to cause dissociation. Possibly a parent (this is just a theory) formulates different mechanisms in their brain in the state of an undetectable “alter” to perpetuate abuse.

“In 2007, 794,000 children were found to be the victims of child abuse or neglect… Children who experience one form of maltreatment are more likely to experience multiple forms of victimization.

Child abuse and neglect are associated with a host of deleterious effects on psychological and interpersonal functioning. Abused children may show a wide range of internalizing and externalizing behaviors such as anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexualized behavior, and conduct disorder.” – Robboy and Anderson

I have more to say on this topic but immediately what comes to mind is Miley Cyrus. Oh Miley. Poor girl.

We must take into account the influence the media has on our subconscious. Can this influence dissociation? Hmm (more of dissociation later).

Miley possibly exhibits symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder ( DID). Her overtly sexual behavior shows a lack of inhibition which is characteristic of DID sufferers. As written previously, “sex slave (beta) programming is a combination of Alpha programming (overall rewiring of one’s neural mechanics necessary precursor for any form of more specific programming) and beta primordial (primitive mind) sex programming.
This program eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive part of the brain (the hindbrain) in order to perpetuate inhibition less sexual instincts.”

Again, this type of mind control was utilized on me. Beyond words, just treacherous. Therefore it is easy for me to spot susceptible victims. Who knows who the agent was behind her violation.

Although it is a sad state of affairs for Miley, what is most important is how her behaviors affect our children’s SUBCONSCIOUS minds. We must take into account the influence the media has on our hidden minds. More questions arise for me concerning possible links between pedophilia and subliminal messages. Was Miley wearing a baby teddy bear bikini at one of her performances?

Miley states about her transformation: “the movement is more than just a record… Represents taking over the world.”

Whatever she was probably drunk when she said it.
But really, is she suggesting she will gain power by demonstrating blatant promiscuity (great influence on the kids!)? Or who is gonna take over the world? I’m confused. My prayers go out for Jon Stewart.

Possibly she hopes to have global influence by her fans emulating her new inhibitionless personality. Anyways
Britney and Miley actually share the same manager. I just see this as a coinkidink since both are kinda crazy and slutty (I mean sexy). Am I a social commentator now?
“I have to shave my head so they’ll stop touching me!! geeezuss

What’s this new song. SMS, I thought it’d have to do with sado masochism but it’s just bout strutting yo stuff. They share the cover photo for the song, what’s with artists these days and the one eye covered thing?

Now, I haven’t watched TV Programming since about 2005 so I have no idea what fundamental ideas are being placed in children’s minds.

From what I’ve seen when caring for kids are shows on Nick that seem to idealize beauty and fame above all else.

And mix that with music we’ve got inhibitionless sex, lack of morality, corruption, and satanic propaganda. Gazoots!!

Soo this has turned into a bit of social commentary but I’ll get back to the cycle of oppression, I mean violence.

We talked about cognitive dissonance before. Isn’t it possible if shoved in your face enough you begin to think of their ideals as your own?

Pleaaaaase tell your kids to open a book- a healthy mind creates a healthy spirit!!
But. Not school books :p cause all teachers are paid based on their ability to get students to score high on standardized tests. Yay for creativity! (I always zoned out in school. Self learner I am). Daydreaming IS a symptom of DID, and maybe so is distraction? Hm

Back to the cycle of abuse
“Cycle of abuse research suggests about one-third of all individuals who were abused or neglected as children will subject their children who either experienced maltreatment or witnessed violence between their parents or caregivers learn to use physical punishment as a means of parenting their own children.” – Welfare Information Gateway

It’s all about MONEY:

From NBER research: “poverty and mistreatment of children go Hand in Hand. Children with working mothers and absent fathers are more likely to be subject to neglect and abuse.” Mhm I hear that.

“Child neglect increases in states that cut their welfare benefit levels”

Welfare Information Gateway states: “while most people in financial need do not maltreat their children, poverty can increase the likelihood of maltreatment, particularly when poverty is combined with other risk factors such as depression, substance abuse, social isolation.”

There’s so much more to touch on here. One THIRD of people abused go on to abuse THEIR children. I hate numbers. But I’m pretty sure that’s a big chunk! With the 7 something thousand who are BELIEVED as being victims of abuse, one third goes on to abuse their, 1, 4? Children?
Gettin my calcidoodle out.

So, this is terrible. 264,666 victims are expected to carry on their learned abusive patterns to their future children. So, if they have 1 kid each, 264,666 more victims. But if they each have 3? …calcidoodle…
That’s another 700 something victims. So this cycle very much is a cycle. Although a higher percentage of abuse victims (2/3) do not go on to abuse, the status quo of about 800,000 victims perpetuates itself generation after generation after generation.


“What we call a symbol is a term, a name, or even a picture that may be familiar in daily life, yet that possesses specific connotations in addition to it’s conventional and obvious meanings. It implies something vague, unknown, or hidden from us.” (Man and his Symbols)

It’s real: the psychiatric industrial complex

The Psychopharmaceutical Industrial Complex

I have so much more to post but I want people to read what I have so far before learning more!

That link is like… Crack. Cause it’s real. And it’s bad.