The Hope of Strength

There is a possibility that the government suppresses any forms of actually helping people who have a so-called illness. The drug industry is profiting off the misery of others, so wouldn’t they be pushed towards continuing, prolonging “mental illness” rather than attempting to cure it?

And don’t forget industries are directly connected to the government due to corporate lobbysists’ bribery. Mental health is a profit maker.
Whitaker also points to the facts that psychiatric medication can worsen symptoms in the long run (see Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic”). I am BY NO means telling people to stop their meds, but I’m saying that there is an alternative route to take by utilizing DID alternate techniques in therapy while administering drugs thoughtfully.

But what we must understand is that the “conditions” we are told to be real are simply manifestations of past trauma. The dissociations we have evolved in ourselves to survive are the very pieces we need to put back together.
The system isn’t working. I was told I was “manic” for wanting to go back to grad school by my case worker. Yes, I had a caseworker, I was gaslighted, remember? I got to experience the hell of the system through the lens of a social worker and trauma survivor.
The system is not right.
It is demeaning and decreases your confidence, your sense of being independent.

This oppressive force of ignorance to facts is the main reason there are so many suffering, oppressed individuals out there. Hope is the key. Challenging the system in our own minds and perceptions. Gaining strength. Gaining peace.


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