Dissociation, identity and self awareness

Cognitive dissonance connects to dissociation in the manner that one self learns to disconnect the primary self in order to maintain order and preserve the self, especially in intense trauma.
In the following passage I will describe the most intense example of traumatic abuse which creates the grotesquely under diagnoses of Dissociative Identity Disorder.
“… Beta programming is a combination of Alpha programming (overall rewiring of one’s neural mechanics necessary for any form of more specific programming) and beta primordial (primitive mind) sex programming. This program eliminates learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive part of the brain (the hindbrain) in order to perpetuate inhibitionless sexual instincts. This training program (usually for women) is for developing the “ultimate prostitute” a sex machine. Ideally a programmer will get their hands on a victim before they turn 3. Why? When you are young your brain is in a state of plasticity. This does not mean simply that you would learn from certain experiences as adults do, but rather that the very neural pathways which are responsible for all your senses and behaviors are still growing and forming new connections. The goal of practitioners of trauma based mind control is to change the way these neurons, axons, synapses, etc grow and which of them connect with which others. Given this practice is an ancient one, probably stemming from the mystery religions of Ancient Greece, the practice must require no modern technology.
This is consistent with what survivors of trauma based mind control (TBMC) have testified to victims are sleep deprived, water, food, light, and other bare necessities for days on end. During these times the victim will also be tortured.
The most effective methods are believed to be those that consist of inflicting moderate amounts of pain over extended periods of time. Emotional trauma is also important.

The horrific experiences victims are exposed to result in their mind utilizing a defense mechanism called DISSOCIATION. Dissociation consists of the victims consciousness detaching from their bodies (or so it seems to them). The result is a euphoric floating feeling. It’s this feeling that attracts people to extreme forms of bondage which can induce euphoria via intense pain.

Programming begins to fail around the age 30 and results in severe depression and a “mental breakdown” for the primary personality.
I was exposed to this extreme form of programming. Due to the severity of the events I can not recall scenes but only flashes in my mind of a babysitter in this context. These reemerging images came from deep therapeutic exploration. As of late, along with meeting with a psychologist who adheres strongly to the idea of DID in the masses, I am simply using knowledge to gain a healthy and productive sex life. To have DID it does not mean you have to, for example, be Mary, baby Mary and Farmer Mike. You could be just like me, a person with a terrible memory and an inability to recount my childhood. Or you could simply be someone who experienced one traumatic event which caused symptoms of DID which are hidden quietly in the depths of your perception.
Again, DID caused by Beta programming only serves as the most drastic form of abuse which stimulates dissociation.
We can utilize this knowledge to show how any survivors of any level/type of abuse can be considered as having any measure of DID it is my proposal that many trauma survivors have on some level dissociation of self. Therapists must gain awareness of this fact and utilize techniques which can facilitate a unity between all senses of self.
Self awareness can surmount once we confront past events which we are scared of. And the personal, familial and social ramifications of this endeavor may be great. But in order to create unity within one self, we must be self aware. We must gain confidence. We must be free.
I will be tracking my findings of my readings of Carl Jung, unconscious memories, dissociation, dissonance and therapeutic accounts on this blog. Please open your mind to new thoughts on treatment and the reality of DID in the majority of patients.


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