We all have in us the capacity to become “mentally ill.” Does that scare you? It should, that’s the point.

Craziness is brought about by circumstance, not by biology or chemical imbalances, (read Anatomy of an Epidemic by Whitaker) there are no studies that prove this fallacy. It’s all a myth.

Why would there by a myth you say? Unfortunately my mind and heart have this tendency to shut down when I begin to talk about things that cause them pain. So google the “psychiatric industrial complex.” How this connects to the “military industrial complex” I cannot say, you’d think I was crazay.

You say, “but insanity has been around forever, since like the bible even. Yep, it has. I believe in God and all, but it’s possible, just possible that religious ideology has in it the same ability to condemn and invoke fear as does propaganda and advertisement. Gasp, sorry!

I’m just trying to get to the truth here.

Why the fear of being crazy? Because you don’t want to step out of line. There must be order. We are living in a society after all.

What’s so crazy about the fear of crazy is that crazy is actually another term for fear. So there’s fear of fear, which ultimately brings about fear (crazy). No I mean, crazy is another term for fear, not like, omg, isn’t that crazy?

Let me try and elaborate on this. In the movie “Frozen,” the princess was told to hide her powers and suppress her fear, as fear was what unleashed her powers. So she was taught that these powers were naughty and must be controlled (just like differences must be controlled).

This negative focus on her powers (differences) made them something tainted, something feared, so when she was finally confronted with a lack of control over her emotions, her powers were unleashed in a negative manner (what we call psychosis).

Disney or Pixar or whoever had a wonderful story which told of the solution to suppressed fear:freedom to let go of control, embracing the power, lots of drama, realizing the beauty of power (differences) and how relief from fear was the unburdening of the cause of the negative effects of power.

So “mental illness” is power. Woah.

We all get a little confused sometimmes. Bu when confusions, stress and fear are met with certain amounts of hostility and fear all hell breaks loose in the mind. If you treat someone like they will fail (which is what the mental health system does) you reinforce ideas in their head which will make this come true.

“Are you taking your meds?”

“Do you need help?”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“You seem to be exhibiting manic symptoms for thinking you can go to the accelerated MSW program.” Ugh, I said part-time program bitch!)

“You’re kind of being grandiose for thinking you can cure mental illness.”There ain’t no thang real by the term mental illness, it’s called crazy, and everyone has it inside them. It can be transient thing if treated properly.

Immediately fear consumes the receiver of this information’s heart. Not exactly fight or flight, but fear of social rejection. Everyone, well most everyone, just wants to fit in. These questions reinforce fear, anxiety, and self doubts. Doubting your own sanity can be a very dangerous thing. I was gaslighted once, it sucked.

There’s more, but that’s it for now.

In the coming weeks, months, years, or until Big Brother shuts this down, (because if people with “mental illness” suddenly realize their power, there will be less oppression because there will be more autonomy, more confidence in the populace) I will be researching dissasociation. Dissasociative Identity Disorder (DID) is only diagnosed in like 1% of the population. My hypothesis is that anyone who has experienced trauma suffers from some level of dissasociation.

The extreme form of abuse that creates dissociation is the tool MK Ultra. Supposedely this is used by the Illuminati in Hollywood to Program their sex kittens. Regardless of where the information comes from, it can tell us more about how any type of trauma can cause  any form of dissasociation.The results can be noticeable, however dissasociated states can be subtle and many practitioners ignore tell tale signs and make different diagnosis. People with PTSD have some form of dissasociation. It is the minds way of protecting itself.

In this blog I will let you know my findings on dissasociation, suppressed memories, trauma’s power and how we can ask the right questions to get the right answers. Once we fill in the gaps we can become confident and whole. What follows is freedom.

Thanks for reading my first post, hopefully there will be many more to come.


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